Where are the Audio Books?

While it is our dream and goal to have accompanying infographics and audio for all of our Book Briefs, we recently had to make the difficult decision to postpone any further production. We excitedly announced that each book brief would include all these neat features but severely underestimated both the cost and the time each book brief would take.

Therefore, with Accelerate's long-term sustainability in view, we decided to readjust our budget to focus on producing the best quality book briefs before working on extra features such as audio and infographics. We decided it would be wiser to ensure we were doing the few important things well, rather than many things poorly.

With that said, we've hit the brakes on any further expansion and growth of Accelerate — as exciting as it is to see this ministry grow so quickly! Since then, we're focused on bringing together a world-class team of writers, editors, designers, and publishers; we're also focused on developing systems and processes to ensure everything runs smoothly — everything from ensuring the timely delivery of exceptional book summaries to making sure we communicate with our readers quickly!

While we cannot guarantee an exact date that we will begin recording audiobooks again, we hope to have the process started very soon!

Thanks so much for your understanding!

The Accelerate Team

P.S. – If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!