When will Book Briefs be on Amazon?

With Accelerate only launching in August 2018 — and a turbulent launch at that — we are hard at work getting all the moving parts ready in order for Accelerate to be a sustainable organization. We have many goals and features we can't wait to implement! The ability to purchase individual book briefs is one of them.

We recently made the decision to postpone all features until we can really solidify our book brief production. While we cannot guarantee an exact date that we will begin offering book briefs for purchase on Amazon, we hope to have the process started by January 2019.

Since then, we're focused on bringing together a world-class team of writers, editors, designers, and publishers; we're also focused on developing systems and processes to ensure everything runs smoothly — everything from ensuring the timely delivery of exceptional book summaries to making sure we communicate with our readers quickly!

Thanks so much for your understanding!

The Accelerate Team

P.S. – If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!