Is it Worth the Investment?

Valid question.
But answer this first

How much time might inefficient reading be costing you?

Because NOT using Accelerate could be costing you 432 hours a year.

Okay, stick with us here.

The average non-fiction book takes 5 hours to read.
That means 8 books / month would take 40 hours.
And if you kept it up all year: 480 hours.

Our book summaries take 30 minutes to read.
Reading all 8 monthly summaries would take 4 hours.
And for the year? Only 48 hours.

With Accelerate, you’d save 432 hours per year

Put another way, not using Accelerate could be costing you 432 hours every year.

Are you ready to gain your time back? 🕓


What They’re Saying

I love this service and I am grateful to God for investing in you guys. I tell everyone about Accelerate whenever I get the chance!
Edgar Nazario

I love the application questions. I mean, some of those questions… and all God’s people said “OUCH!”

Timothy Livingston

For a small Church plant like us, it’s a huge help and blessing to have access to the kind of content Accelerate provides! Thanks for helping us sift through content and investing in fewer, good books that will serve our people.

Sean Taylor

I am loving Accelerate and am so thankful for it! I wouldn’t mind paying more. I’m able to finish a book or two a day using this method. It is absolutely worth it!

Brian Oh

I just finished a book brief and it actually felt like I’ve read the whole book! Amazing

JD Pedida

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