The Way to True Peace and Rest

by Robert Bruce     |     Book Summary

Author: Robert Bruce
Publisher: Banner of Truth
Date: 2017
Pages: 222

Book Summary of Union With Christ by Rankin Wilbourne

Far too often, Christianity is viewed in terms of what people believe, where they attend church, or what group of Christians they most associate with. Rankin Wilbourne, the pastor of Pacific Crossroads, reminds readers that the most important aspect of Christianity is identity. Contrary to the identity politics at play in our society and world, Wilbourne calls readers to focus on their identity "in Christ"—the most frequently used term to refer to believers in the New Testament. Our spiritual lives will be transformed as we recognize the significance of who we are in Christ Jesus.

Wilbourne presents the doctrine of union with Christ in a way that is both applicable and accessible to readers from various walks of life. Rather than presenting union with Christ as some "pie in the sky" mystical set of practices only found and mastered by an elite group of Christians, Wilbourne shows both the reality and necessity of union with Christ in the lives of all believers. Written to help churches in need, Wilbourne presents a much-needed introduction to union with Christ.

The Way to True Peace and Rest

by Robert Bruce

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Book Summary of Union With Christ by Rankin Wilbourne

Author Robert Bruce
Publisher Banner of Truth
Date 2017
Pages 222


Trials of all sorts are common to everyone in all times and places, and the Christian's life is often marked by suffering. What is not always common is how a person reacts when they are so afflicted.

In a series of sermons given by Robert Bruce, collected and presented as The Way to True Peace and Rest, we are able to gain great insight into and practical application of the illness of King Hezekiah in Isaiah 38 (also in 2 Kings 20). This account provides us with a wonderful example of how the godly should conduct themselves when confronted with trials, those of sicknesses or otherwise. In heeding this account, we might find that we are granted the same sort of comfort Hezekiah received. 

There is much for us to learn about the nature of God and of ourselves. By applying the truths contained therein, we can learn to glorify God and seek Him above all in every trial and circumstance we face.